The main Russian pharmaceutical producers are preparing for the final step to GMP standards


Akrikhin: completion of the I stage of the investment program

Russian pharmaceutical manufacturer Akrikhin has completed the first stage of the investment program for 2010-2014 aimed at development and modernization of the production facilities. Presently the company has completed the cycle of construction of new premises and reconstruction of the existing ones; it has purchased and now is assembling new equipment from leading foreign manufacturers. According to forecasts of specialists, the results of the first stage of the investment program will positively affect the dynamics of the production growth as early as in 2011. In October 2010 Akrikhin announced the launch of the investment programme USD $28 mln into the production during the period from 2010 to 2014.

The investment program objectives include increase of the company’s production capacities, in order to provide for the growing production output, consolidation of production sites and improvement of the equipment productivity, as well as finalisation of bringing the entire production process to compliance with the requirements of GMP standards.

Investment into production is expected to result in increased capacities of the production of solid dosage forms almost twofold: presently the output is 30 million units, the expected output is 56 million units of drugs per year; and the production capacity for soft and liquid dosage forms will be increased from 17 mln units to 25 mln units per year.

Within the framework of the investments into the modernization of the production of soft and liquid finished dosage forms (FDF) the first stage of the reconstruction of the production unit has been completed. The reconstructed floor space makes up over 60% of the total area of this production unit, or 815 square meters. Additionally, extra premises with the area of 750 square meters have been added to the main building. Now construction and assembly works are being implemented aimed at creating a new unit for the manufacture of non-hormonal drugs in the form of ointments and gels in accordance with the requirements GMP ЕС regulations. In the nearest future the pharmaceutical production will be transferred from the existing capacities to the new ones.

Modernization of the production of solid FDF is going on just as dynamically. Here also additional premises have been created and the main unit has been reconstructed. As a result of the works under the first stage of solid FDF investment project the unit’s floor space has been expanded through construction of additional production areas of over 1500 square meters. Equipment and production accessories from the world leaders in the sphere of equipment for pharmaceutical enterprises, such as IKA, Glatt, etc., have been purchased and now are being assembled.

Akrikhin President Jan Slob says: “Presently the total area of reconstructed and built production areas exceeds 3, 200 square meters, of those about 2,300 square meters are new production areas. Such significant size of newly created production areas is required in order to satisfy the need for new high-technology capacities of the growing production volume. On the whole, all investment projects aimed at modernization of Akrikhin production facilities are being implemented in accordance with the set timelines”.

Information about Akrikhin

Akrikhin is one of the leading Russian pharmaceutical producers of high quality products, included into the TOP 5 major local manufacturers of pharmaceuticals in terms of sales volume in the Russian pharmaceutical market.

Akrikhin was founded in 1936. The company’s product portfolio consists of over 150 drugs of main pharmaco-therapeutic groups: cardiology, neurology, pediatry, gynaecology, dermatology, etc.

Akrikhin manufactures a wide range of socially significant drugs, being one of the largest Russian producers of the drugs included into the list of Vitally Important Drugs, as well as drugs for treatment of tuberculosis and diabetes.

Akrikhin production facilities are located 30 from Moscow and include units manufacturing virtually all dosage forms: pills, capsules, liniments, ointments, creams, syrups, gels, suppositories.

Since 2007 Polpharma has been Akrikhin strategic partner in the Russian pharmaceutical market. Strategic partnership implies close cooperation between the companies in the sphere of research and development, production and promotion of pharmaceuticals.

Subject to results for the year 2009, Akrikhin was included into the TOP 10 most dynamic companies among the players of the Russian pharmaceutical market.

Please contact Yulia Zaika, Akrikhin Public Relations Manager, for additional information
Tel.: 8 (495) 721-36-97
Mob.: 8 (916) 839-95-71

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