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On November 16, the first Akrikhin’s customer day took place at the Radisson Collection Moscow Hotel. The event was held under the motto Harmony of Partnership. The participants of the closed business event were the heads of Russian pharmacy chains – partners of Akrikhin.


Who influences traffic? How to be more profitable? Who is he, the modern consumer? As part of the business part of the client day, the management of Akrikhin and industry experts discussed new approaches and trends in the pharmacy business and retail.


Consumer behavior became a key topic in the speakers' presentations. Boris Agatov, an independent expert on retail innovation, suggested that, together with artificial intelligence, we speculate on what pharmacy windows could look like, how new types of communities are being formed, and how AI bots can provide real help after a sale.


Alexander Sokolov, Commercial Director of Akrikhin, studied pharmacy retail as a buyer who wants to receive quality service. It’s hard to imagine life in the modern world without platform solutions, but the key element in creating a service and partnership is trust. Thus, Akrikhin’s strategic obligations to the market and partners are to create demand, launch comprehensive and large-scale promotions for buyers, implement platform solutions using AI, as well as exchange of expertise and partner support.

The Akrikhin’s KAM team plans to make holding client days an annual tradition to have the opportunity to openly talk about what interests the company’s partners, discuss new trends and try new business approaches together.

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