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Quality standards
Quality standards

All Akrikhin products are manufactured in strict compliance with international GMP standards at every stage of development, production, and storage of medicines.

The Company has and maintains one of the most efficient and advanced pharmaceutical quality systems in the industry, which is built in compliance with the Rules of Good Manufacturing Practice of the Eurasian Economic Union, as well as up-to-date domestic and foreign recommendations on good practices, is based on risk management principles, and is being constantly improved through improvements driven by current knowledge on processes and products.

This system has been built in the Company for years and ensures that the medicines being produced meet their intended purpose, the marketing authorisation application requirements, and clinical trial results, and minimises the risk to patients associated with the safety, quality, and effectiveness of medicines.

Akrikhin undergoes regular quality audits by its foreign partners in contract and licensed manufacturing, as well as by Russian and foreign certification agencies and regulatory bodies.


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