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Agreement between Akrikhin and Biocon expands drugs market in transplantology
Akrikhin, one of the top Russian manufacturers of the socially important pharmaceutical products, has entered into an agreement with a major Indian developer and manufacturer of pharmaceuticals, Biocon. The two companies’ cooperation will result in launching a drug which is used in transplantology and included in the state “Seven Nosologies” Program. At present, Russia imports an innovative, manufactured-abroad product under the Seven Nosologies Program.
Akrikhin further expands the portfolio of treatment options for patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Akrikhin portfolio of anti-diabetic  products has been boosted by a new drug for type 2 diabetes treatment. In a situation when locally produced drugs cover less than 10% of the glucose-lowering drug segment of the Russian pharmaceutical market (not counting insulins), launch of an affordable and efficacious anti-diabetic drug of the Russian-based manufacturer expands the portfolio of treatment options for patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus.
Akrikhin and Russian phthisiologists have developed a unique antituberculosis drug
Akrikhin, one of the largest manufacturers of antituberculosis drugs in Russia, is launching an original combination antituberculosis drug into the Russian market. This drug has been developed jointly by Akrikhin and the Central Scientific Research Institute of Tuberculosis of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. The antituberculosis activity of the new product against Mycobacterium tuberculosis is 90% higher than the antituberculosis activity of monodrugs of the same class. Efficiency and scientific originality of the drug are ensured by the unique combination of pharmaceutical ingredients. No analogs to the new drug exist in both Russia and abroad
Akrikhin is in TOP 3 most recognized local companies of the Russian pharmaceutical market
By pharmaceutical market experts’ opinion, Akrikhin was included into the TOP 3 most recognized Russian pharmaceutical producers upon the results of 2010. Such results are given in annual joint project “Rating of influence of Russian pharmaceutical market participants”, jointly established by “Pharmaceutical Vestnik (newspaper)” and “Pharmexpert. Analytics and consulting” Company
The main Russian pharmaceutical producers are preparing for the final step to GMP standards
Akrikhin: completion of the I stage of the investment program
Akrikhin has summarized the results of R&D activities in 2010 aimed at updating and expanding the company’s product portfolio
In 2010 one of the leading Russian pharmaceutical companies Akrikhin effected a market launch of 10 new drugs. The launched drugs belong to key pharmaco-therapeutic fields on which the company is focused: diabetes, tuberculosis, cardiology, neurology, dermatology, pediatrics. It is especially important to mention the launch of two anti-diabetic drugs, which have been developed by Akrikhin own R&D Center, and an anti-tuberculosis drug, which has no counterparts in the Russian pharmaceutical market.
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