Code of Ethics

Dear Colleagues!

I am proud to present you with the AKRIKHIN Code of Ethics, which defines the system of values, standards and rules that we want to follow every day.

To act in accordance with the highest standards in relations with our colleagues, partners, patients and the business environment is our main commitment! Being a responsible subject of Russian pharmaceutical market, we fully conceive our responsibility for manufacture of products that have impact on health and quality of life of our patients.

The Code of Ethics adopted by us is based on common ethical values of the AKRIKHIN employees, such as respect, honesty, responsibility, solidarity and cooperation. The rules contained in the Code of Ethics apply to every employee, regardless of their position and the nature of the tasks performed.

This Code is an element of a comprehensive Ethical Conduct Programme the purpose of which is to build a strong ethical culture in AKRIKHIN.

The establishment of the Code of Ethics confirms that we are a trustworthy company whose operations are based on respect for the law, applicable procedures and the highest standards of conduct. The rules written in the Code are a valuable signpost in taking everyday decisions.

Since its establishment in 1936, AKRIKHIN has been an outstanding example of a socially responsible and financially successful enterprise. The main reason for our sustainable development as one of the leading Russian pharmaceutical producers is the orientation on high quality and accessibility of our products to patients.

We set the bar very high for ourselves and we expect our suppliers and contractors to do the same. We would like to see that our business partners respect our values and are guided by similar rules of conduct. We hope that our efforts will be a model for others, which will help to raise standards across the pharmaceutical industry in Russia.

Yours faithfully,
Denis Chetverikov
President of pharmaceutical company AKRIKHIN

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