Our manufacturing facility

Akrikhin’s manufacturing facility is a modern complex located on 36 hectares land plot, 25 km from Moscow, in the town Staraya Kupavna. Complex equipment and personnel involved thereat enable effective production of finished dosage forms, quick and reliable implementation of the cutting-edge processes.

The manufacturing complex includes:

  • Finished dosage forms shop
    • Solid dosage forms shop
    • Soft dosage forms shop
  • Quality Control Centre
  • R&D Centre
  • Central warehouse for storing raw materials and finished products
  • Customs storage zone
  • Pharmaceutical warehouse

Company’s production shops are equipped with the modern equipment of the leading suppliers: IMA, KILIAN, GLATT, BOSCH, IWK, IKA etc.

In 2019, Akrikhin produced more than 100,000,000 packages of drugs from the beginning of the year for the first time.

In 2011-2017, the company implemented an extensive upgrading and development programme at the manufacturing complex with the total investments of RUB 3.2 bln. As a result thereof, production capacities in the shops were increased and arranged efficiently, all premises were brought in line with the GMP standards, and the equipment was replaced with the higher-tech one; the programme also enabled process automation and reduction of production time expenditures.

In 2019, Akrikhin finished a large investment project for upgrading the systems of water utilities and power supply on the production site with the total investments of amount RUB 800 mln. During the same year, the company started a large-scale project for increasing production capacities of the plan to increase the output of finished medicinal products in several times.

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