Our manufacturing facility

AKRIKHIN manufacturing facility is a modern complex located on 36 hectares land plot, 20 km from Moscow, in the town Staraya Kupavna.

The facility comprises of:

  • Two workshops producing finished pharmaceutical products:
    • - Solid finished dosage forms,
    • - Semi-solid finished dosage forms
  • The Quality Control Center;
  • The Research and Development Center;
  • Warehouses for storage finished products, a customs warehouse and storage facilities for raw materials and other supplies.

AKRIKHIN’s workshops are equipped with the modern manufacturing machinery produced by leading suppliers such as IMA, Glatt, CAM, IKA, Bosch and others.

The modern manufacturing facility and highly qualified AKRIKHIN’s staff working there ensure that the very latest technological processes and the state of the art technologies can be mastered quickly and reliably.

2011 - 2016

AKRIKHIN completed a major program to modernize and develop its manufacturing facility with a total investment of more than 35 million Euros. The results of the program are:

  • Expansion and rational placement of all production facilities in two larger workshops;
  • Bringing all core and supporting facilities in strict compliance with international GMP standards;
  • Replacing more than 30% of manufacturing equipment with new hi-tech versions;
  • Complete automating pre-packing and packaging of finished products;
  • Cutting time losses by more than a quarter.
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