Agreement between Akrikhin and Biocon expands drugs market in transplantology


The two companies’ cooperation will result in launching a drug which is used in transplantology and included in the state “Seven Nosologies” Program. At present, Russia imports an innovative, manufactured-abroad product under the Seven Nosologies Program.

In accordance with the terms of the agreement, Biocon will transfer to Akrikhin the rights to sell the drug on the Russian market under its own brand name. During the first stages of cooperation under the agreement Akrikhin will be responsible for the final stages of production, distribution and promotion of the drug.

The pharmaceutical product that will be launched on the Russian market owing to the companies’ cooperation by 2013, is an immunosuppressor used for the prevention and treatment of rejection of the transplants like liver, kidneys and heart. The drug to be launched is included in the state “Seven Nosologies” Program under which patients with most severe diseases are entitled to the centralized subsidized drug provision with expensive pharmaceuticals. At present, an innovative, manufactured abroad product is supplied to Russia under the “Seven Nosologies” Program. The launch of a generic drug will expand treatment options and improve the drug reimbursement provision of patients who have experienced the transplantation of organs and tissues.

Akrikhin while defining a vector for its future development focuses on socially important areas. Thus, the experience gained by the company in the area of development and production of diabetic, tuberculosis, cardiologic and other drugs has enabled Akrikhin to conclude in 2010 numerous agreements on market launch of cancer and AIDS/HIV drugs in Russia.

Moreover, currently Akrikhin produces two socially important drugs for the treatment of orphan (rare) diseases. This is an antiepileptic drug Primidone, efficient against certain types of epileptic seizures, the other is an endocrinologic drug Cortison for the treatment of chronic adrenal insufficiency (Addison’s disease, etc.) and congenital adrenal disorder. Akrikhin is the only one manufacturer of these two drugs on the Russian pharmaceutical market. The drugs are indicated for treatment of the orphan (rare) diseases (hence such drugs are in low demand), therefore, production of such products reflects the social responsibility of the manufacturer before the Russian patients.

Seven Nosologies Program:

The RF Ministry of Public Health and Social Development starting from 5 January 2008 transferred from the Additional Drug Provision (DLO)program to a separate program funded by the federal budget (called the program "expensive"), a group of patients suffering from the seven most severe diseases: hemophilia, cystic fibrosis, pituitary dwarfism, Gusher’s disease , myeloid leukemia, multiple sclerosis, as well as patients in need of an immunosuppressants after organ transplantation

The Seven Nosologies Program provides centralized subsidized drug provision with expensive pharmaceuticals to the patients with the most severe diseases. To treat 77 thousand patients covered by the program, the government purchases 18 drugs. At present, possible expansion of the list of covered diseases is being discussed.

In 2010, the federal expenses for the procurement of drugs under the Seven Nosologies Program amounted to RUR 45,860,000,000.

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