Akrikhin will develop oncologic and antituberculosis products in cooperation with M.J.Biopharm


Akrikhin signed an agreement with the Indian pharmaceutical company M.J.Biopharm with regard to joint development and production of oncologic and antituberculosis medicines within the framework of the 4th Russian-Indian Trade and Investment Forum timed to coincide with the visit of Dmitry A. Medvedev, the President of the Russian Federation, to India, taking place during December 22-24, 2010.

Akrikhin announces signing of a long-term cooperation agreement with the Indian developer and manufacturer of medicines M.J.Biopharm. The agreement on scientific and technical cooperation with Akrikhin and M.J. Biopharm was signed in New Delhi on December 20, 2010 during the 4th Russian-Indian Trade and Investment Forum. Pursuant to the terms and conditions of the agreement, the companies will jointly develop and manufacture a range of generic medicines for treatment of oncologic diseases and tuberculosis. The agreement was signed in the presence of Sergey Ivanov, the Deputy Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, the Chairman of the Russian Side of the Intergovernmental Russian-Indian Commission for Trade and Economic Cooperation.

Under the agreement concluded, Akrikhin intends to develop a new product line for the company – the launch of oncologic medicines in the Russian market. The company plans to expand its portfolio with a group of oncologic medicines by 2013. It is important to note that some of the medicines included in the scope of the agreement make part of the list of the 57 strategically essential medicines approved by the RF Government in July this year.

The medicines with regard to which the Agreement was concluded had been selected on the basis of expert assessment conducted by the leading oncologists of the Russian specialized institutes which showed interest towards new highly efficient products and extension of a number of domestic producers of oncologic medicines.

In addition, partnership with M.J.Biopharm will help significantly extend the antituberculosis line of Akrikhin. Within the agreement, under order of Akrikhin, M.J.Biopharm will develop medicines for treatment of tuberculosis on the basis of recommendations provided by the country’s leading phthisiologists. It is planned that four new products will be developed within the scope of the partnership. Akrikhin is one of the Russian largest manufacturers of antituberculosis medicines producing the largest range of antituberculosis products (15 products altogether).

Jan Slob, President of Akrikhin: “It is extremely important that the resolution regarding development and manufacture of certain medicines has been taken on the basis of expert conclusions of the leading Russian clinicians in the area of oncology and tuberculosis, i.e. based on the actual needs of the Russian patients and the Russian healthcare system. We are sure that as a result of cooperation with M.J.Biopharm Akrikhin will be able to offer efficient and much more cost-effective medicines against tuberculosis and oncologic diseases”.

About Akrikhin

Akrikhin is one of the TOP 5 largest local pharmaceutical manufacturers in sales volume in the Russian pharmaceutical market.

The product portfolio of the company includes over 150 medicines of the main pharmaceutical and therapeutic lines. Akrikhin produces a large number of socially important medicines, being one of the largest Russian manufacturers of the products included in the List of Essential Medicines and medicines against tuberculosis and diabetes.

In 2010 Akrikhin launched a large-scale investment programme aimed to develop and upgrade the company’s production complex. The total volume of investments in 2010-2014 will exceed USD 28 mln.

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