Akrikhin and Russian phthisiologists have developed a unique antituberculosis drug


Akrikhin, one of the largest manufacturers of antituberculosis drugs in Russia, is launching an original combination antituberculosis drug into the Russian market. This drug has been developed jointly by Akrikhin and the Central Scientific Research Institute of Tuberculosis of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. The antituberculosis activity of the new product against Mycobacterium tuberculosis is 90% higher than the antituberculosis activity of monodrugs of the same class. Efficiency and scientific originality of the drug are ensured by the unique combination of pharmaceutical ingredients. No analogs to the new drug exist in both Russia and abroad.

This combination, original formulation drug has been developed as a result of cooperation of three parties – Russian phthisiologiс scientists, Akrikhin and Indian pharmaceutical company M.J.Biopharm. In 2008 Akrikhin initiated the studies of a new complex compound in the Central Scientific Research Institute of Tuberculosis of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences. Results of the studies have demonstrated high antituberculosis activity of the pharmaceutical combination and, thus, provided a rationale for beginning the new drug development by the Russian party. The Indian manufacturer M.J. Biopharm, Akrikhin longtime business partner, developed in its turn the new product tablet pharmaceutical form on the basis of the data provided by Akrikhin. In accordance with the agreement concluded between the two companies, Akrikhin is the owner of the exclusive rights on the new product in the markets of Russia and CIS.

The main ingredient of the drug is levofloxacin, the most active fluoroquinolone (the unique antimicrobial agent acting on all types of microbes, including Mycobacterium tuberculosis). Results of microbiological testing of the drug and its individual components have demonstrated expressed effect of levofloxacin on Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The drug is designed for treatment of all forms of tuberculosis, including the drug-resistant forms, the most severe forms that present special epidemiological danger. In the last 10 years, the number of officially registered patients with drug-resistant forms of the disease have increased more than 2-fold. Tuberculosis pathogen is able to develop resistance to antituberculosis drugs resulting in drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis which treatment is long-term and less effective. This is why the introduction of an effective combination drug for treatment of drug-resistant forms of tuberculosis is of immediate importance.

Akrikhin has been operating in the field of antituberculosis drugs for 60 years. In 1951, Akrikhin synthetized the first antituberculosis drug that became drug No. 1 for combat of tuberculosis in this country at that time. Also Akrikhin was the first Russian manufacturer to produce the combination drugs that contained 2 to 5 mutually potentiating ingredients in one tablet and thus were characterized by higher efficiency. Intake of the combination drugs significantly decreases patient’s drug load (because the patient has to take only 4 to 5 instead of 10 to 12 tablets) and optimizes the controlled chemotherapy.

“This drug launch on the market is an example of successful cooperation between Akrikhin and leading country phthisiologists, with the parties contributing to product development their understanding of this country’s public healthcare needs in regards to the disease treatment and competence in R&D that has accumulated in the course of many years” - said Jan Slob, Akrikhin President.

* The study of antituberculosis activity of the new drug Levoflorilin whose effect is 90 % higher than the effect of monodrugs of the same class was revealed due to results of the microbiological testing of the antimicobacterial effect carried out in the Central Scientific Research Institute of Tuberculosis of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and published in a number of scientific materials.

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