Akrikhin is in TOP 3 most recognized local companies of the Russian pharmaceutical market


By pharmaceutical market experts’ opinion, Akrikhin was included into the TOP 3 most recognized Russian pharmaceutical producers upon the results of 2010. Such results are given in annual joint project “Rating of influence of Russian pharmaceutical market participants”, jointly established by “Pharmaceutical Vestnik (newspaper)” and “Pharmexpert. Analytics and consulting” Company.

The rating of influence of Russian pharmaceutical market participants has been carried out for twelve successive years. The project objective is to detect driving forces and players that influence the Russian pharmaceutical industry development most, their status and publicity activities and as a consequence their contribution in the market functioning and evolution.

The research results are based upon the opinions of 1.3 thousand of respondents, from six expert groups: scientists; government officials, employees of Russian and foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers; representatives of distributing companies; pharmacy directors/managers. The above target groups covered in course of the research are characterized as experts as they have specialized information on the pharma market. Research geography includes 35 Russian regions in 8 Federal Districts.

According to the project results, Akrikhin – with sufficient breakaway from the 4th position – closes the leading TOP3 companies among the most recognized and influential Russian pharmaceutical production companies. Upon the results of 2010 Akrikhin has shown the substantial boost compared to the previous year, and has risen from 7th to 3rd rating line.

As the project organizers believe, “such high mark from pharmaceutical industry experts given to Akrikhin business activities is undoubtedly related to company positions strengthening in the market, its start with large-scale investment program aimed at modernization and extension of production capacities, and ambitious plans for product portfolio expansion. In particular, in 2010 Akrikhin has signed a number of agreements with foreign corporations for “heavy” range medicines’ access into the Russian market (for oncological diseases treatment, as well as HIV-infection/AIDS)”.

Growth of Akrikhin influence in the eyes of pharmaceutical community reflects also the high degree of information activities of the company, which is actively participating in the industrial conferences and forums dedicated to relevant issues of Russian pharmaceutical industry development and provision of medicines in the Russian Federation.

“High position of Akrikhin in this rating is the acknowledgement of company’s contribution into the domestic pharmaceutical industry development and Russian pharmaceutical market at large”, - as Jan V. Slob, Akrikhin President, has commented on the rating results.

Rating position Local manufacturers Scores
1 Pharmstandard 5 612
2 STADA CIS 1 851
3 Akrikhin 1 605
4 Veropharm 849
5 Valenta 763
6 Ozon 549
7 Verteks 479
8 Altaivitaminy 389
9 Sotex 251
10 Biotech 250

Information about Akrikhin:

Akrikhin is one of the leading Russian pharmaceutical producers of high-quality medicine; it is included into the TOP 5 largest local pharmaceutical manufacturers in terms of production and sales volume in the Russian pharmaceutical market.

Akrikhin was founded in 1936. Its product portfolio comprises more than 150 drugs of general pharmaco-therapeutic directions: cardiology, neurology, pediatrics, gynecology, dermatology, etc.

Akrikhin produces a wide range of socially important medicines, being the one of the largest Russian manufacturers of drugs included into the Vital and Essential List of medicines, as well as drugs for tuberculosis and diabetes treatment.

Since 2007 Polpharma Company is the strategic partner of Akrikhin in the Russian pharmaceutical market. Such strategic partnership assumes for close cooperation between the companies in sphere of research and development, production and promotion of medications.

Upon the results of 2009 Akrikhin was included into the TOP 10 most dynamically growing companies among all players of Russian pharmaceutical market.

All details could be obtained from July Zaika, public relations manager of Akrikhin Company.
Phone: 8 (495) 721-36-97
Cell phone: (916) 839-95-71
E-mail: j.zaika@akrikhin.ru

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