Akrikhin has summarized the results of R&D activities in 2010 aimed at updating and expanding the company’s product portfolio


In 2010 one of the leading Russian pharmaceutical companies Akrikhin effected a market launch of 10 new drugs. The launched drugs belong to key pharmaco-therapeutic fields on which the company is focused: diabetes, tuberculosis, cardiology, neurology, dermatology, pediatrics. It is especially important to mention the launch of two anti-diabetic drugs, which have been developed by Akrikhin own R&D Center, and an anti-tuberculosis drug, which has no counterparts in the Russian pharmaceutical market.

In the implementation of R&D (Research & Development) strategy, Akrikhin successfully combines developments of its own R&D Center and cooperation with foreign pharmaceutical companies and leading Russian scientific research institutes and laboratories. For example, in 2010 Akrikhin signed three agreements with foreign pharmaceutical companies, as a result of which agreements Akrikhin plans to expand its portfolio with new groups of oncological drugs and anti-viral drugs for the treatment of HIV-AIDS. Also, in 2010 Akrikhin and the leading Russian developer High Technology Center KhimRar signed a memorandum on the beginning of strategic partnership for the purpose of joint development of socially significant drugs. The main focus in this partnership is made on innovative drugs – transfer and completion in the Russian Federation of foreign developments of innovative drugs of 2nd phase of clinical trials or those already registered in other countries.

In the course of updating and expanding the product portfolio in 2010 Akrikhin continues adhering to the policy of diversification, launching both products under INN, drugs which are in demand within the framework of state purchases, branded generics and a broad range of OTC drugs which require own promotion tools. Such balanced portfolio enables the company to ensure its active presence both in the commercial segment of the market (up to 70% of the Company’s turnover), and in the segment of state purchases. At the same time, Akrikhin is actively building up its presence in niche segments, such as, for example, tuberculosis, diabetes, which require developed R&D and production competencies.

At the same time Akrikhin, considering the highly competitive market of generics, strives to consistently implement the differentiation principle, focusing on advanced generics and value added generics instead of ordinary ones. Value added generics may include drugs with a new action principle, new technology, and new delivery form, new product form of the existing drug, new indications, and new combination. In 2010 Akrikhin launched in the Russian pharmaceutical market the first generic of anti-tuberculosis drug with INN of Rifapentin, which has no counterparts in the Russian market in terms of the active substance. Also, it is worth mentioning the market launch of anti-diabetic drug in 2010 in the fixed combination of two active substances Gliclazide and Metformin, which dosages’ combination is unique in the Russian pharmaceutical market.

Such successful R&D activity resulted in the active launch of new drugs into the Russian market evokes great interest among market players. Within the framework of the 8th annual conference “Strategies of development of the pharmaceutical market in Russia and CIS” organized by “Marcus Evans Conference”, Akrikhin Vice-president for Strategic Development Rustam Iksanov made a presentation on January 27 on the subject “Successful creation and management of the product portfolio on the way to achievement high business efficiency”.

In his presentation Rustam Iksanov touched upon the criteria of assessment of the product portfolio, the possibilities for the development of the product portfolio, criteria of efficiency of the update and expansion of the company’s product range. Special attention was paid to risk management in the course of the product pipeline development in view of numerous regulatory changes: both those already in force (state regulation of prices for the drugs included into the List of Vitally Important Drugs, Federal Law “On drug circulation”) and those adopted and planned for adoption and submitted at registration (data exclusivity), norms regulating the activities of medical representatives.

Information about Akrikhin

Akrikhin is one of TOP 5 largest local drugmakers in the Russian pharmaceutical market in terms of sales volumes.

The company’s product portfolio includes over 150 drugs of the main pharmaco-therapeutic groups. Akrikhin manufactures a broad range of socially important drugs, being one of the major Russian manufacturers of the drugs which are included into the List of Vitally Important Drugs and drugs for the treatment of tuberculosis and diabetes.

In 2010 Akrikhin began implementing a large-scale investment program aimed at development and modernization of the company’s production facilities. The total amount of investments during the period from 2010 to 2014 will make up 28 million dollars.

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