AKRIKHIN expands the opportunities for combating tuberculosis


One of the leaders of the Russian market of anti-tuberculosis drugs Akrikhin has become an official partner in Russia of one of the largest developers and manufacturers of anti-tuberculosis drugs Indian company Lupin Ltd. Under the license agreement Akrikhin shall ensure the launch of a modern efficacious anti-tuberculosis drug Rifapex (active substance – Rifapentine) in the Russian market. Rifapex has no analogs in the Russian pharmaceutical market, being the only anti-tuberculosis drug containing the active ingredient Rifapentine. Lupin Ltd is already supplying the drug to the markets of Europe and America. Now, thanks to cooperation between Akrikhin and Lupin Ltd., Rifapexhas has become commercially available in the Russian market.

Every year over 117 new tuberculosis cases are detected in Russia, the incidence is 82 cases per 100 thousand of Russians. According to official statistics only, every day this most dangerous disease claims the lives of 72 residents of our country. At the same time, the process of treatment of tuberculosis is very complicated and requires a combination approach, when a patient has to take a large number of drugs simultaneously. In the existing conditions the appearance of such a product as Rifapex in Russia will facilitate the treatment of tuberculosis significantly, allowing for the use of a new approach to treatment therapy of this disease.

Except for Rifapex, the Russian market has no other drugs with Rifapentine as the active substance. Recently Rifapentine has been widely used worldwide: clinical trials of the drug both in Russia and abroad have demonstrated high efficacy thereof. Rifapex ensures threefold reduction of the drug load on the patient: it is a time-release drug, which does not need to be taken on a daily basis, being administered 2-3 times a week, unlike other anti-tuberculosis drugs. Besides, it generates fewer side-effects as compared to other first-line anti-tuberculosis drugs.

As a producer of socially significant drugs, Akrikhin occupies leading positions in terms of manufacture of anti-tuberculosis drugs: this product line comprises 16 products in the company. The company manufactures drugs both for the treatment of drug-sensitive tuberculosis and drug-resistant variety of the disease. Akrikhin was the first among domestic manufacturers to develop combination drugs for treatment of both forms of this condition. The company has been actively participating in the supplies of the anti-tuberculosis drugs within the framework of the Federal Target Program (FTP) “Tuberculosis” since 2003, and since 2005 it has been taking part in regional programs aimed at combating tuberculosis, which testifies to Akrikhin serious and consistent commitment to this segment. It is important to note that Akrikhin manufactures virtually the entire range of oral anti-tuberculosis pills and capsules subject to recommendations of the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of the Russian Federation and World Health Organization. In the years to come the line of anti-tuberculosis drugs will be actively developing.

Akrikhin President Jan Slob: ”We highly appreciate the fact that such issue as availability of high-quality drugs and early diagnostics of tuberculosis among children and teenagers was specifically mentioned in the Message of the RF President to the Federal Assembly on 30 November. Presently the company’s pipeline includes an entire range of new generation anti-tuberculosis drugs, at different stages of development and registration, including combination drugs for the treatment of drug-sensitive tuberculosis among children. As a producer of socially significant drugs, Akrikhin is willing to contribute to the solution of the problem identified in the Message to the Federal Assembly.”

Execution of partnership agreements with foreign pharmaceutical companies related to the launch of new drugs in the Russian market is one of the sources of expansion of Akrikhin product portfolio, together with the products developed by the Company own Research and Development Center.

Information about Akrikhin:

Akrikhin is one of the TOP 5 major local drugmakers in terms of sales in the Russian pharmaceutical market.

The company’s product portfolio comprises over 150 drugs belonging to key pharmaco-therapeutic groups. Akrikhin manufactures a broad range of socially significant drugs, being one of the largest Russian manufacturers of the drugs included into the List of Essential and Vitally Important Drugs and drugs for the treatment of tuberculosis and diabetes.

In 2010 Akrikhin launched a large-scale investment program aimed at development and modernization of the company’s production complex. The total amount of investment in 2010-2014 will make up over 28 million dollars.

Information about Lupin Ltd.:

Lupin Ltd. is one of the largest manufacturers of cephalosporins, anti-tuberculosis drugs, ACE inhibitors, statins.

All the production sites owned by the corporation conform to GMP requirements, while 11 of the above are certified by the USA Food and Drug Administration (FDA*), UK Medicines Control Agency (MCA).

The corporation has its own scientific research center (Pune, India), employing 200 scientists. The center develops new chemical and plant substances, creates generics, new presentations and drug delivery systems.

Lupin Ltd actively pursues the policy of forging alliances and executing license agreements with the world’s leading drugmakers.

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