Akrikhin and ChemRar agreed on strategic partnership aimed at joint development of socially significant drugs


Akrikhin, one of largest pharmaceutical producers in Russia, and the leading Russian R&D Centre have signed an agreement about strategic partnership in the field of innovative pharmaceutics for socially important drugs development in accordance with the Strategy of Russian pharmaceutical industry development “PHARMA 2020”.

In the The Parties will consider the following cooperation projects: transfer and finalization in the territory of the Russian Federation of foreign innovative drugs’ developments which are at 2nd-3rd stage of clinical trials or which are already registered in other countries, import substituting drugs’ development, modification of existing drugs, including innovative dosage forms, combination and new indications search.

Financing of joint projects is to be arranged on parity (equal footing) and based on the overlapping competencies and competitive benefits.

The key focus of partnership will be aimed at development of drugs which have significant social importance for the Russian healthcare system.

«Akrikhin has successful record of the research and development by the Company R&D Center of drugs in such socially significant and high-technology directions as cardiology, tuberculosis, diabetes. It is also worth mentioning that Essential and Vital Drugs’ share in the Company product portfolio constitutes almost 70%. Combining efforts with such a professional partner as ChemRar exactly in the area of socially significant drugs development will become a logical and consistent step in further realization of Akrikhin strategy”, - Akrikhin President Jan Slob commented on the agreement signing.

As Chairmen of the Board of Directors of ChemRar Andrey Ivaschenko commented, “We are very much satisfied that the main focus of partnering with such a recognized company as Akrikhin is made on innovative drugs development. While most producers tend to concentrate on import substitution or 3-4th stages of drugs’ development Akrikhin management is committed to collaborate on earlier stages, therefore advancing the prospects of launching innovative drugs for Russian patients”.

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