On 29 May 2021, a conference was held at the III All-Russian Pharmprobeg, which was titled “Pharmaceutical Quality System. Topical Issues of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance”. The event featured a report by Faiza Yagudina, Acting Quality Director at Akrikhin, who spoke about the automation of the pharmaceutical quality system at a pharmaceutical company.

Process automation is one of the key vectors in the development of Akrikhin’s pharmaceutical quality system. It is aimed at minimizing the production risks, as well as the risks arising from human factors, and, therefore, it contributes to ensuring high quality of our products. Automation transforms complex and routine processes in order to make them more effective in terms of various parameters. Given the ever-present complexity of changes, understanding the feasibility and support from the management are essential for the implementation of any digital platforms and tools. At the same time, there is no need to be afraid of changes and new challenges, because they are the main driver of development and are key to future success. At Akrikhin, we have already made great progress in terms of process automation, but there is still a lot to do. We have extensive plans for further digitalization of our production

said Faiza Yagudina.

Participants of the conference “Pharmaceutical Quality System. Topical Issues of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance” discussed the key issues of quality and availability of pharmaceuticals for human and veterinary use, microbiological control practices, good manufacturing and distribution practices, new solutions in quality control resulting from the pandemic, such as acceleration of automation processes, the emergence of online inspections, and the introduction of new much-needed solutions.

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