This year, Akrikhin’s products were distinguished in two categories of the SmartPharma Awards. The INN-Akrikhin medical drugs portfolio is recognized as one of the strongest and made the top three in the category Pharmacist’s Choice: INN Generics That I Trust.

Akrikhin INN portfolio brings together pharmaceuticals from Russia’s most popular therapeutic groups in Russia: cardiology, neurology, musculoskeletal, dermatology and others. The drugs within the portfolio are affordably priced, thereby enabling more Russian citizens to receive effective treatment. Today, the portfolio includes 90+ pharmaceutical articles and is constantly developed. In 2020, a new package design was introduced, reflecting life in its continuous development – the principle on which the INN Akrikhin line is based. The logo features a beating heart – a foundation of life and health.

“I would like to thank pharmacies’ personnel for their high assessment of our work, recognition and trust in the INN-Akrikhin portfolio. We are actively developing the direction and expanding the sales geography, so that high-quality and demanded pharmaceuticals become more accessible to the Russian population. Participation in the award is an opportunity for us to get feedback from the pharmaceutical community and make sure we are on the right track”,

Andrey Mitichkin, Head of Marketing, Generic Pharmaceuticals, Akrikhin, says.

About SmartPharma Awards

SmartPharma Awards is an annual pharmaceutical award, where the winners are chosen by specialists recommending medical drugs to pharmacy visitors on a daily basis: varied front-line personnel and pharmacy managers. The project is organized by Russia’s largest professional doctor community “Doctor at Work”.

1According to IQVIA 1-9 / 2020 report “Retail Audit of Finished Pharma Products and Dietary Supplements in the Russian Federation: Distribution Wholesale Prices”, the drugs entering the INN-Akrikhin portfolio are cheaper than the original pharmaceuticals with a similar formulation, number of dosage units and active substance concentration.

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