Akrikhin’s Cycle Conference in A New Digital Form


On 2–4 February, Akrikhin held an annual strategic business event, Cycle Conference 2021. This time it was run in an entirely new online form – it was broadcast live covering all Russian regions where the Company’s staff is present and involved all participants, about 800 people. The event featured interactive presentations by the managers, and the employees could take an active part by putting questions to speakers, sharing opinions and news in the general chat online.

S.T.R.E.L.A., which stands for: S (Speed). T (Trends). R (Development). E (Solidarity). L (Leadership). A (Akrikhin)., became the main message and symbol of the event, reflecting the Company’s striving for further development. In 2021, there is no time to waste, Akrikhin’s positions in the market depend on how fast we can implement cutting-edge ideas and master state-of-the-art technologies.

In 2020, we, as the entire world, faced unexpected challenges, however, due to our concerted effort and solidarity of the team, the year turned out to be successful for our Company. Not only did we cope with all the difficulties during the pandemic, but also rendered assistance to medical institutions for free, meaning that we managed to show our worth as a modern, flexible, responsible and well-run entity,

– noted Denis Chetverikov, Akrikhin’s President, while summing up the results of the past year.

Based on the performance in 2020, the Company showed steady progress by various indicators: Akrikhin ranked the 14th in the rating of pharmaceutical companies in Russia, two notches up, and increased the market share up to 1.9% , while the production volume exceeded 104 mln packages of finished medicinal products, with Aquadetrim and Fortedetrim brands leading in vitamin D market in Russia.

1According to IQVIA data, retail channel, December 2020.

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