On December, 16 Akrikhin took part in the preconference day of the I Annual Conference of the Eurasian Affiliate of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE), where top experts and regulators of the Eurasian market held a discussion on some specific aspects of pharmaceutical engineering and regulatory trends in the context of instability.

The online preconference of the Eurasian Affiliate of the ISPE covered a most extensive list of subjects in pharmaceutical engineering and design, and related processes. The opening was attended by ISPE CEO & President Hartman, ISPE Vice President Thomas Zimmer, CEO of State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices Vladislav Shestakov, and representatives of Russian drug manufacturers.

Akrikhin became a partner of the conference session titled “An Overview of the New ISPE Guidance Documents in 2019-2020 and Their Use in Practice”, where representatives of the Society, pharmaceutical manufacturers and engineering companies spoke on the highlights of the new ISPE guidance documents in a number of cases. Akrikhin was represented by expert Helen Zabotina, Head of Operational Quality Assurance for Semi-Solids, who offered a case on cross-contamination risk analysis using the ISPE Risk-MaPP standard. Her report was based on the experience in the practical application of the principles of Baseline Guide Vol 7: Risk-Based Manufacture of Pharma Products 2nd Edition in the analysis of risks in drug manufacturing.

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