In 2020, the long-term socially-oriented project «INN-Akrikhin» — a portfolio of affordable and popular pharmaceuticals under the proprietary brand of Akrikhin — renews its style.

Since the project start in 2015, the company has achieved considerable success — the ongoing work on search for most popular drugs and their introduction to the market resulted in over 100 pharmaceuticals currently available in the «INN-Akrikhin» portfolio. The drugs are represented in major therapeutic areas, such as cardiology, neurology, musculoskeletal system, dermatology etc. The sales are constantly expanding geographical borders, the medicines are becoming more and more affordable to a greater number of patients.

In 2020, Akrikhin presents a new package design for the drugs under the project. The new design reflects life in its continuous development — a principle of the «INN-Akrikhin» line of products. The logo features a beating heart — a foundation of life and health. The pharmaceuticals are produced in a bright package, simple to distinguish between prescription or over-the-counter drugs and with intuitive colour navigation: each colour corresponds to its therapeutic area.

The drugs part of the «INN-Akrikhin» portfolio belong to therapeutic areas that are most popular with Russian patients and produced in full compliance with the GMP standards. Among the widely-known products of the «INN-Akrikhin» line are: Aciclovir-Akrikhin — a medication to treat herpes, Diclofenac-Akrikhin — anti-inflammatory ointments and gels, Loperamide-Akrikhin — a medication to treat symptoms of diarrhea, Heparin-Akrikhin — a gel to treat contusions and vein diseases.

Denis Chetverikov, President of Akrikhin:

The «INN-Akrikhin» portfolio keeps growing, thus enabling to provide access to necessary high-quality drugs to a greater number of Russian people. At the same time, this project is a driver of a major development vector in the industry, that is import substitution.

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