Akrikhin purchased and donated personal protective equipment to healthcare organisations of Moscow and Moscow Region


Akrikhin supported healthcare organisations of Moscow and Moscow Region by providing personal protective equipment essential for medical staff upon request.

In June, Akrikhin has implemented another charitable project to ensure a safe working environment for medical staff. The company purchased and donated the required protective equipment (face masks, shoe covers, gloves, coats, and overalls) to three healthcare organisations of Moscow and Moscow Region (StarayaKupavna): the Vladimirsky Moscow Regional Research and Clinical Institute, the National Medical Research Center for Endocrinology, and Kupavna Hospital, a branch of Noginsk Central District Hospital.

Previously, Akrikhin had extended support to over 100 public healthcare facilities by donating pharmaceuticals from its own portfolio for patients. However, the issue of the shortage of personal protective means for medical workers has been of no less importance, as their supplies were interrupted due to the flare of the coronavirus disease. Akrikhin supplied the aforementioned organisations with more than 65,000 units of various personal protective equipment.

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