Akrikhin has extended support to over 100 public healthcare facilities located in Moscow and Moscow Region by providing them with pharmaceuticals for patients from its own portfolio at no charge.

Considering that individual pharmaceuticals manufactured by Akrikhin may be used in therapeutic regimens for the new coronavirus disease (COVID-19), as well as for concurrent health conditions in the area of cardiology, paediatrics, endocrinology, general therapy and communicable diseases, the pharmaceutical company has developed and embarked upon the implementation of a socially important programme providing for free transfer of pharmaceuticals at healthcare facilities’ request, including delivery, to assist them with the treatment of patients in the current situation with the coronavirus disease. The list of such healthcare facilities includes resuscitation and in-patient departments in hospitals and ambulance sub-stations.

The pharmaceuticals were supplied to the healthcare facilities of Moscow and Moscow Region in early May. Under the programme, Akrikhin provides healthcare facilities with its pharmaceuticals under donation agreements to deliver the necessary care to patients. To date, over 98 thousand packages of pharmaceuticals worth of over RUB 8.9 mln have been supplied to 30 hospitals and 70 ambulance sub-stations. Company representatives do not rule it out that the programme may be expanded to the other regions of the Russian Federation in case of interest on the part of healthcare facilities.

Denis Chetverikov, President of AKRIKHIN:

The protecting the health of citizens is our company’s key priority, which is the reason why the decision to extend free support to healthcare facilities was made as soon as we realized the scale of the epidemic, but it took us some time to develop the programme. Currently, we have created a clear-cut and transparent mechanism to cover healthcare facilities’ critical need for the pharmaceuticals manufactured by our company. I hope that our joint effort will improve the situation and enhance efficiency in countering the coronavirus disease.

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