Akrikhin’s Cycle Conference: Focus on What’s Important


On January 21 to 23, 2020, Akrikhin ran its cycle meeting in Moscow.

Every year all employees of the Company’s key business units gather at this strategic event for an annual performance review, as well as discussion of future plans, training, mastering of product-specific marketing tools, and practice of the skills related to visiting activities.


The slogan — “Focus on what’s important” — became the key message of the Cycle Conference 2020. The focus is to raise the efficiency across the Company, improve qualitative performance indicators, increase sales and production, manage digitalisation and develop personnel.

The conference was opened by Denis Chetverikov, the Company’s President. Traditionally, before getting down to discussing last year’s achievements and future priorities, he spoke of the high importance of social responsibility at Akrikhin, and of the charity initiatives implemented by the Company staff in 2019.

The main result of 2019 was 100 % completion of the sales plan. The Company made remarkable progress in efficiency improvement: it invested in new production capacities of the plant in Staraya Kupavna, which is expected to ramp up production on existing site with three times less investment; it reorganised the field force with enhanced focus on promotion in the key areas of medicine, such as cardiology, dermatology, and pediatrics; it allocated resources out of the existing pool to create a new ophthalmological line.

The plans of Akrikhin involve continuous growth based on further application of its successful diversified portfolio strategy and focus on raising efficiency and driving change through innovation.

The opening of the conference was also supported by Vice President for Marketing and Sales of Branded and Generic Drugs Alexandra Lukashova, Vice President for Sales and Marketing of OTC Products Alexey Maltsev, Director for Pharmacy Chains and Tenders Lidia Choborovskaya and HR Director Natalia Duvanova.

The broad agenda of the Cyclical Conference further included intensive teamwork in different areas, marketing sessions, regional meetings, business games, and trainings.

The event was topped off with a gala dinner and a traditional award ceremony to recognise the top performers in sales and marketing.

…Akrikhin means in-house production capacities. We produce more than 100 million packs per year!
Akrikhin has its own Research and Development Centre.
Our portfolio includes more than 150 drugs and is growing. Last year we launched more than 20 new products on the market.
Akrikhin ranks the 12th in the rating of pharmaceutical companies by the number of pharmacist recommendations.
It ranks the 22nd in the rating of pharmaceutical companies by the number of prescriptions.
Akrikhin means a team of 1,500 professionals involved and committed to the Company.

Denis Chetverikov, President of Akrikhin

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