AKRIKHIN becomes third most influential subject of russian pharmaceutical market


Ipsos Comcon, supported by KPMG consulting and audit company together with Farmatsevtichesky Vestnik, conducted an annual independent opinion research among the representatives of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry, «Rating of the Most Influential Subjects of the Russian Pharmaceutical Market 2018».

TOP 10 Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers (by expert groups) that had the greatest impact on the pharma market in 2018
Rating All experts Score vs. leader Pharmacy workers Score vs. leader Other experts Score vs. leader
1 Pharmstandard 1.000 Pharmstandard 1.000 Biocad 1.000
2 Vertex 0.734 Akrikhin 0.802 Pharmstandard 0.927
3 Akrikhin 0.620 Vertex 0.761 OTCPharm 0.878
4 OTCPharm 0.606 Evalar 0.596 Vertex 0.628
5 Evalar 0.502 Severnaya Zvezda 0.575 Protek 0.500
6 Severnaya Zvezda 0.464 OTC Pharm 0.441 Solopharm 0.373
7 Protek 0.422 Avexima 0.403 Evalar 0.285
8 Biocad 0.410 Protek 0.365 Polysan 0.235
9 Avexima 0.276 Obnovleniye 0.314 Geropharm 0.232
10 Valenta 0.271 Valenta 0.288 Akrikhin 0.224

We are pleased to find out the results of the rating and are very happy with the fact that for a long time we have been among the top three Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers who have made a significant contribution to the development of the pharmaceutical industry in Russia,

said AKRIKHIN President Denis Chetverikov.

Realization of the fact that we have been serving the interests of our customers and confidently keeping a high level of quality for many years brings true satisfaction to all our employees. Clients' trust is what we work for.

The top places in the Local Pharmaceutical Manufacturer nomination have remained unchanged since 2010. Only positions within the leading trio are fluctuating. AKRIKHIN held the third position in the influence rating for several years in a row, while, according to the 2017 results, it came close to the leader, rising to the second place.

AKRIKHIN showed excellent results in the first half of 2018. According to IQVIA, with a market share of 1.86% it ranked 15th among all pharmaceutical companies in retail channel growth. In 2018, the company took the first position in the TOP20 rating of pharmaceutical companies in Russia in terms of the aggregate average annual sales growth in the OTC segment over the past three years. (According to the PharmaTrend Sell-Out Information rating prepared by the IQVIA international corporation)

About the rating
The influence rating of the Russian pharmaceutical market subjects is calculated annually to identify the most influential companies and people who made the greatest contribution to the formation of the Russian pharmaceutical market. The research results are based on a survey among professionals working in the pharmaceutical sector. The sample size of this study amounted to 386 people from 26 cities located in all federal districts of the Russian Federation. The experts represented seven groups: government officials, representatives of the scientific community and the education system, representatives of distribution companies, representatives of Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers, representatives of foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacy managers, pharmacists and senior pharmacists.

The full version of the article was published in issue No.7 of the Pharmatsevtichesky Vestnik newspaper of February 26, 2019 and No.8 of March 5, 2019)


AKRIKHIN is one of the leading Russian pharmaceutical companies that manufactures effective, affordable and high-quality medicines of the therapeutic groups most demanded among the Russian patients. In terms of sales, the company is among the top five leading local pharmaceutical manufacturers in the Russian pharmaceutical market and shows significant growth and development rates. The company's product portfolio includes about 200 medications, more than one hundred of which are manufactured at the production site in Moscow Region. The medications belong to the key pharmacotherapeutic areas – tuberculosis, diabetes, dermatology, cardiology, neurology, gynecology, etc. and are produced in full compliance with the GMP standards.