AKRIKHIN has ranked second in a Rating of the Influence of Russian Pharmaceutical Market Players in the top 10 Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers that exerted the most influence on the pharmaceutical market in 2017.

The annual independent poll of the opinion of representatives of the medical and pharmaceutical sectors in 2017 – the Rating of the Most Influential Russian Pharmaceutical Market Players – was conducted by research company Battersea Marketing with support from consulting company KPMG and together with the Pharmvestnik media magazine.

AKRIKHIN, according to experts, in 2017 made the breakthrough forward, obtaining just 9% less points compared to Pharmstandard.

Top 10 Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers that Exerted the Most Influence on the Pharmaceutical Market in 2017
Rating Company Relative Score
2017 2016
1 1 Pharmstandard 100
2 11 AKRIKHIN 91
3 44 Veropharm 50
4 4 Biocad 29
5 29 Ozon 28
6 15 OTCPharm 25
7 13 Valenta 24
8 3 Vertex 22
9 40 Tatchempharm 20
10 17 Avva Rus 18

Source: Battersea Marketing, KPMG 2017 Influence Rating.

In terms of the average score given by pharmacy employees who participated in the project, AKRIKHIN outperformed Pharmstandard.

Top 10 Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers that Exerted the Most Influence on the Pharmaceutical Market in 2017, Average Expert Assessment, Points
Pharmacy workers Other experts
Pharmstandard 3.4 3.1
AKRIKHIN 3.5 1.7
Veropharm 1.8 1.3
Biocad 0.6 2.3
Ozon 1.0 0.7
OTCPharm 0.7 1.4
Valenta 0.8 0.9
Vertex 0.7 0.8
Tatchempharm 0.9 0.1
Avva Rus 0.7 0.3

Source: Battersea Marketing, KPMG 2017 Influence Rating.

Since 2010, the top positions for Local Pharmaceutical producer have remained unchanged, with just the ranking within the top three changing. AKRIKHIN for several years in a row ranked in third place in the influence rating but, in 2015, we were able to make a breakthrough and reach second place and, in 2017, we again repeated this result.

About the rating
The rating of the influence of Russian pharmaceutical market players is conducted annually to identify the most influential companies and individuals who have made the greatest contribution to the formation of the Russian pharmaceutical market. The results of the research are based on a poll of pharmaceutical sector professionals. Within the poll, 525 experts were interviewed in 33 cities in all federal districts of the Russian Federation. In the project, experts quantitatively display the entire list of stakeholders in the Russian pharmaceutical market, including not only Moscow, but also the regions. The rating was calculated based on the opinions of respondents from eight groups: civil servants, representatives of the scientific and expert community, representatives of Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers, representatives of foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers, representatives of distributors, directors and heads of pharmacies, deputy heads / managers / pharmacy directors and pharmacists. Pharmacists comprised the largest group in the study (53%).

(The full version of this article was published in the Pharmvestnik newspaper, issue №5 from 13 February 2018 and №6 from 20 February 2018.)