AKRIKHIN Took Part in Second Russian GMP Conference as Partner of Session on “GMP Certification: International and Russian Experience. The View from Both Sides”


Moscow, 27 September 2017 – AKRIHKIN took part in the Second Russian GMP Conference, which was held in Gelendzhik on 18 – 20 September. The company was a partner of the session titled “GMP Certification: International and Russian Experience. The View from Both Sides”.

At the event, the company was represented by: Elena Kasakina, Vice President of Manufacturing Operations, Irina Redzyuk, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and New Developments, and Olga Maklakova, Quality Director. She noted that the secret to successful certification is close cooperation with Polish manufacturer Polpharma, sticking to deadlines and professional communication with inspectors.

We, as the pharmaceutical community, should be proud that we have a Russian inspectorate, – Olga Maklakova underlined. – I would like to note one positive aspect, which is that the inspectors send their comments immediately after the inspection and we can quickly start working on them.

АКРИХИН» принял участие во II Всероссийской GMP конференции, прошедшей 18-20 сентября в Геленджике. АКРИХИН» принял участие во II Всероссийской GMP конференции, прошедшей 18-20 сентября в Геленджике.

The company’s management noted that it would not be possible to make Russian manufacturing more competitive and support import substitution and help develop export potential without a balanced and professional dialogue involving the regulator, industry associations, manufacturers and leading experts.

This discussion took place at the 2nd Russian GMP Conference, an event that provides a platform to discuss practical issues that arise during application of good manufacturing practices and to better understand the specifics of certification.

This is the second year that the Russian GMP Conference has been held in Gelendzhik. The event is organized by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade and also the State Institute of Drugs & Good Practices. The conference is becoming one of the key events in the industry, gathering together leading experts in pharmaceuticals and healthcare and representatives of Russian and international pharmaceutical companies, state bodies and relevant associations.


AKRIKHIN is one of the leading Russian pharmaceutical companies, producing effective, affordable and high quality medicines in the most popular therapeutic areas in Russia. The company is in the top five leading local pharmaceutical producers by sales on the Russian market and continues to demonstrate significant growth and development rates.

AKRIKHIN’s product portfolio comprises some 200 medicines, more than 100 of which are manufactured at a production facility in the Moscow region. AKRIKHIN’s key therapeutic areas are tuberculosis, diabetes, dermatology, cardiology, neurology, gynecology and more. All products are manufactured in full compliance with GMP standards.

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