AKRIKHIN Launches Lident Baby, A New Dental Gel For Children


Moscow, 4 July 2017 — AKRIKHIN has begun producing and selling Lident Baby, a new medicine. The product is prescribed for treatment of infants aged over 3 months in period of teething, helping relieve pain and reduce gum inflammation. It is also an antiseptic. Lident Baby was developed at AKRIKHIN’s own Research and Development Center in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards.

Lident Baby is a local anesthetic that includes lidocaine hydrochloride and cetylpyridinium chloride and comes in the form of a gel. The product contains a lidocaine concentration of 0.33%, which is permitted for children, and has a local double effect of blocking nerve impulses to the brain and preventing them from forming at the start point. Cetylpyridinium has an antibacterial effect on gram-positive microorganisms, a fungicidal action against yeast fungi and is active against most gingivitis pathogens. Lident Baby has a gel structure based on hyetellose that increases the product’s ability to remain on a mucous membrane, which makes it possible to prolong the pharmacological effect of the product’s active ingredients.

Irina Fedak, Rx Marketing Director at AKRIKHIN, commented:
“Development of the Lident Baby teeth gel, which can be used by children aged over 3 months, is an important achievement of the company’s R&D Center. Lident Baby is indispensable in a child’s early years during the fairly painful process of teething. The combination of anesthetic and antiseptic in the new AKRIKHIN’s product helps relieve pain and reduce gum inflammation, easing the discomfort for the very youngest patients as their teeth come through.”

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