AKRIKHIN Launches Acriol Pro, A New Skin Numbing Medicine


Moscow, 23 May 2017 — AKRIKHIN has begun producing and selling Acriol Pro, a new medicine. Acriol Pro is a combination product that includes lidocaine and prilocaine in the form of a cream. This combination of anesthetics has a proven clinical numbing effect and is used to numb the skin in surgical treatment and cosmetic procedures.

Acriol Pro was developed at AKRIKHIN’s own Research and Development Center in compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. It took approximately two years to get the finished product, carry out comparative clinical research and register it. The combination of local anesthetics reduces the risk of inflammation and has an antibacterial and antiviral effect. The product can be used for treatment of babies. It contains no preservatives or ether anesthetics, so the risk of allergic reaction is minimum.

Acriol Pro has strong potential on the aesthetic medicine market. In cosmetology and aesthetic surgery, the majority of procedures involve damaging the surface of the skin, before which patients need their skin to be numbed. Such procedures include: mesotherapy, wrinkle treatment, bio-revitalization, applying mesonties, botulinum toxic injection therapy, epilation, fractional photo-thermolysis, permanent makeup, tattooing, skin transplants, growth removal, dermabrasion and more.

Olga Frolikova, OTC Marketing Director at AKRIKHIN, commented:
"The launch of this medicine, which has been developed in line with international quality standards by specialists at the company’s own R&D center, is a significant milestone for AKRIKHIN that marks the beginning of the company’s activities on the aesthetic medicine market. We are proud that thanks to the high quality and safety of the product, many popular cosmetic procedures will no longer be associated with pain."

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