Head of Noginsky district had visited AKRIKHIN production plant in Staraya Kupavna


Igor Krasavin, head of the Noginsky district, visited AKRIKHIN’s production plant in Staraya Kupavna on March 13. He was followed by Igor Sukhin, head of the Staraya Kupavna municipality, and Fedor Balitsky, first deputy head of the Noginsky municipal district. AKRIKHIN’s management has long been actively working together with the municipal authorities and is committed to developing productive cooperation with the district and regional administrations.

AKRIKHIN’s President Denis Chetverikov presented to the head of the Noginsky district the company’s development strategy and priorities. Chetverikov paid particular attention to the plans of developing the company’s drug portfolio with own products and those produced in partnership with foreign pharmaceutical companies. They also discussed the results of a large-scale development and modernization program at AKRIKHIN’s plant, which was successfully completed in 2016 year. At a total investment of more than 2.6 billion rubles, the program involved expanding production capacities and reconstructing and modernizing infrastructure.

During his tour of AKRIKHIN’s production plant, Igor Krasavin was able to see that all production stages – from development through to storage – comply with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standards. The district head paid special attention to the Quality Control Center and Research & Development Center. He also visited the microbiology lab and soft-form and liquids facilities.

Denis Chetverikov, President of AKRIKHIN,commented: “Currently the R&D center has been working on approximately 30 new drugs. The company’s priority is social essential diseases, such as diabetes, tuberculosis and cardiovascular diseases, and AKRIKHIN is proud to provide patients with affordable and effective medicines.”

Igor Krasavin, head of the Noginsky district, commented: “AKRIKHIN is a modern innovative enterprise that provides modern affordable medicines not only to residents of the Moscow region but to people all across the Russia. It is also a major employer in the district, providing jobs to more than thousands people. What we saw today is the highest level. Good equipment, perfect skills specialists and new technologies. Special thanks for the work which the company does to provide social support for veterans and its support of the Staraya Kupavna administration in implementation of important projects and its involvement in the local community. From our side, we are ready to support the company’s management in every way possible and to jointly implement projects that will continue to drive the district’s economic development, create new jobs and boost tax revenue.”

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