"AKRIKHIN" participates in the program of import substitution


Boutsaev_Kononov_Akrihin_18.jpg On April 20, during a working visit Denis Butsaev, Deputy Chairman of Moscow Region Government and Minister of Investments and Innovations of Moscow Region Government, together with Vladimir Kononov, Deputy of the State Duma and First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Science and High Technology, visited the production site of "AKRIKHIN" in Staraya Kupavna.

Officials met with the company managers, then attended Semi – Solids workshop N 19, "AKRIKHIN" Center for Research and Development, Quality Control Center and Microbiology laboratory. The guests noted the high level of technical equipment of the production facilities and well equipped with instruments for quality control of medicines CRD and QCC laboratories. After that there was arranged a meeting, where "AKRIKHIN" employees could ask questions and discuss current topics in a dialogue with the Minister of Investment and Innovation of Moscow Region Government and the Deputy of the State Duma. Following the meeting, Denis Butsaev instructed to take control of the construction of sports and recreation complex at the stadium "AKRIKHIN".


In a subsequent meeting with media representatives, the Minister noticed that he was impressed by the fact that "AKRIKHIN" completely renewed its product line in less than 10 years. Currently the plant produces drugs that it did not produce before. In addition, "AKRIHIN" entered the Top-5 not only in terms of revenue, but also in terms of industrial production, as well as high level of personnel training.

Boutsaev_Kononov_Akrihin_45.jpg Denis Butsaev, Minister of Investments and Innovations of Moscow Region Government: "AKRIKHIN" fulfilled the plan of import substitution by 100%, but if we talk about the past few years, when import substitution program was paid special attention to, in this regard, "AKRIKHIN" also shows good result. Only within the last year, it put on the market 11 new products, replacing foreign products that our country had to import.
Modernization, realized by "AKRIKHIN" in past few years, is impressive. It concerns both new laboratory and industrial equipment. We have seen a high level of personnel training. The company is one of the largest (in its segment) not only in Moscow region, but in the whole country”.

Vladimir Kononov, Deputy of the State Duma: "AKRIKHIN" is a company that meets the highest standards of production. Visiting workshops and laboratories, I saw innovations in action and, once again, I was convinced that the one who possesses high technologies possesses the world. It is great to have such a unique equipment for medicinal products manufacturing here in Russia. It is very important to go with the times, introducing advanced technologies, innovating. Do not forget how important it is for the Moscow region, - our people, talented, devoted people work here. And the main thing is that they produce high-quality and affordable medicines that save lives!"

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