Developing the product portfolio

AKRIKHIN has almost 30 years experience of partnership with Russian and international companies and is keen to develop cooperation.

AKRIKHIN uses various methods to expand its product portfolio – from developing its own medicines through to joint projects with international and domestic producers. AKRIKHIN tends to join efforts with professional partners during the launch projects to cooperate.

AKRIKHIN offers potential partners the following benefits:

  • Modern hi-tech manufacturing equipment;
  • Knowledge of the Russian pharmaceutical market and its regulatory system;
  • Broad coverage of the national market, experience of dealing with major distributors and a presence in the pharmacy and hospital segments;
  • Possibility to get advice from leading healthcare experts;
  • Sales team of more than 500 staff in 63 regions of Russia;
  • Successful track record of launching new brands on the Russian market thanks to a highly professional sales and marketing team;
  • Expertise in all main therapeutic areas: cardiology, tuberculosis, diabetes, dermatology, pediatrics, neurology, gynecology and more;
  • Flexible approach in the process of cooperation with partners and experience in conclusion of contracts;
  • Compliance with GMP manufacturing and quality standards;
  • Manufacturing facilities for both solid (tablets, capsules) and semi-solid (creams, ointments and gels) dosage forms.

For more information, please contact:

Business Development Department
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