Research and development

Akrikhin is one of few Russian producers to have its own Research and Development (R&D) Center. This is a research, analysis and technological center with the very latest technical equipment and analytical instruments.

Having already recorded a number of achievements in the pharmaceutical sector, Akrikhin continues to develop new medicines in the most socially important areas (endocrinology, dermatology, cardiology, neurology, gynecolog etc.) in different dosage forms: tablets, capsules, ointments, creams and gels.

The R&D Center is currently working on more than 50 new drugs.

The main business activity of AKRIKHIN R&D Centre is development of new and support of the existing drugs. The company is focused on development of advanced generics and new forms of medicinal products of the existing combinations (so called “generic plus” versions). This approach boosts consumer demand and strengthens Akrikhin’s position on the market.

Akrikhin’s R&D Center cooperates with the main research and development institutes in Russia and with foreign partners. In developing new products, Akrikhin strives to anticipate market demands.

Since 2015, the company has managed to transfer to production 10 or more new medicines per year.

Over the last 7 years, the R&D Center has begun using more than 70% new analytical instruments and more than 40% new technological equipment at a total cost of more than 150 million rubles.

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