Support for Investigator-Initiated Studies

Pharmaceutical company Akrikhin believes that it is important to provide support for clinical trials and research studies initiated by independent investigators.

Such studies may include clinical post-authorisation and non-interventional (observational) trials, epidemiological surveys and other research studies.

Investigator-initiated studies are supported by providing research grants. A research grant may be provided in the form of funding a study, supplying the studied product, and other non-financial assistance.

Support may be provided to investigator-initiated studies that are in compliance with the current laws and ethical standards and have the necessary scientific value in the Company’s priority areas.

Therapeutic area
Study subjects
Cardiology Dyslipidemia
Arterial hypertension
Chronic heart failure
Dermatology Acne
Atopic dermatitis
Allergic contact dermatitis
Pediatrics Rickets
Vitamin D deficiency
Endocrinology /
rheumatology /
gynaecology /
therapy /
clinical pharmacology
Vitamin D deficiency
Phthisiology Pulmonary and extrapulmonary tuberculosis

Research grant may only be provided to non-profit research and educational organisations that sponsor studies and may not be intended for specific healthcare professionals or researchers.

Support for investigator-initiated studies cannot be conditional and does not imply any counter-obligations.

The Company entirely refrains from influencing the study design, the selection of researchers, and the determination of any other parameters and aspects of the study. Pharmaceutical company Akrikhin is not and cannot be considered as the organizer (sponsor) of the supported investigator-initiated studies.

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