Independent Medical Education Support

Pharmaceutical company Akrikhin looks into options for providing educational grants to support independent accredited and non-accredited medical educational programmes and events for healthcare professionals and members of the scientific community.

Independent educational programmes may be implemented at the national, regional, or international level and include, among other things, higher and postgraduate education programmes, professional development programmes, accredited continuing medical education events, and other scientific events held in the form of congresses, symposia, seminars, and lectures.

Educational grant may be provided both to fund the participation in independent educational programmes and to support the holding of educational programmes and events themselves, including, but not limited to, developing educational methodologies and materials, granting access to data and information, engaging visiting professors, etc.

Akrikhin reviews educational grant requests in the following priority areas:

Therapeutic area
Study subjects
Cardiology Dyslipidemia
Arterial hypertension
Chronic heart failure
Dermatology Acne
Atopic dermatitis
Allergic contact dermatitis
Pediatrics Rickets
Vitamin D deficiency
Endocrinology /
rheumatology /
gynaecology /
therapy /
clinical pharmacology
Vitamin D deficiency
Phthisiology Pulmonary and extrapulmonary tuberculosis

Educational grant may only be provided to non-profit organisations and may not be intended for specific healthcare professionals.

Akrikhin points out that the responsibility for and supervision of the selection of participants in educational programmes, as well as the scope, teaching staff, methods, and materials, and venue are vested in the organisers of the corresponding educational programme or event.

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