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Akrikhin will develop oncologic and antituberculosis products in cooperation with M.J.Biopharm
Akrikhin signed an agreement with the Indian pharmaceutical company M.J.Biopharm with regard to joint development and production of oncologic and antituberculosis medicines within the framework of the 4th Russian-Indian Trade and Investment Forum timed to coincide with the visit of Dmitry A. Medvedev, the President of the Russian Federation, to India, taking place during December 22-24, 2010
AKRIKHIN expands the opportunities for combating tuberculosis
One of the leaders of the Russian market of anti-tuberculosis drugs Akrikhin has become an official partner in Russia of one of the largest developers and manufacturers of anti-tuberculosis drugs Indian company Lupin Ltd. Under the license agreement Akrikhin shall ensure the launch of a modern efficacious anti-tuberculosis drug Rifapex (active substance – Rifapentine) in the Russian market. Rifapex has no analogs in the Russian pharmaceutical market, being the only anti-tuberculosis drug containing the active ingredient Rifapentine.  Lupin Ltd is already supplying the drug to the markets of Europe and America. Now, thanks to cooperation between Akrikhin and Lupin Ltd., Rifapexhas has become commercially available in the Russian market.
Akrikhin and ChemRar agreed on strategic partnership aimed at joint development of socially significant drugs
Akrikhin, one of largest pharmaceutical producers in Russia, and the leading Russian R&D Centre have signed an agreement about strategic partnership in the field of innovative pharmaceutics for socially important drugs development in accordance with the Strategy of Russian pharmaceutical industry development “PHARMA 2020”.
Akrikhin develops a new product portfolio direction of HIV/AIDS drugs treatment
One of the largest producers of socially important medicines in Russia - pharmaceutical company Akrikhin signed agreements with companies Emcure Pharmaceuticals Ltd (India) and CELON (Poland) aimed at enlarging Company product portfolio with a new group of antiretroviral drugs for HIV/AIDS treatment by 2013. Those agreements suppose introduction to the Russian pharmaceutical market of 5 modern high-technology medicines of antiretroviral group, which are generic drugs of medications, the most effective and widely used for therapy of diseases of HIV/AIDS-direction in Russia.
Akrikhin is realizing a program of import substitution in diabetes treatment
One of the leading Russian pharmaceutical producers Akrikhin continues consistent realization of the program of import substitution in the field of socially significant drugs. One of strategically important direction of Company product portfolio – diabetes - was reinforced by a new original medicine Glimekomb. The drug was developed by the Research and Development Centre of Akrikhin. It does not have any analogues on the Russian pharmaceutical market.
Akrikhin invests more than 28 million US dollars into production
Akrikhin, one of the major Russian producers of medicines announces about launch of investment program devoted to the development and modernization of production facilities of the company. Total investment volume in 2010-2014 will be equal to more than 28 million of US dollars. Investments will be directed to extension and establishment of new production facilities, as well as to the reconstruction and upgrade of the existing facilities. Source of investments are the company’s own funds.
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