This year Akrikhin celebrates a significant event — its Eighty-Fifth Anniversary.

Since 1936, Akrikhin has been working to improve the health and life of Russians with the help of the necessary medicines produced on site and has been constantly developing and streamlining. Today, Akrikhin is one of the leading Russian pharmaceutical companies that produces effective, affordable and high-quality medicines.

Our mission is to improve the life of Russian patients, and we strive to team up with our partners and employees towards its implementation in order to steadily grow, develop and move forward. We focus on searching for new opportunities and solutions that meet the needs and trends of Russian healthcare. We are proud that our product portfolio is one of the most sought-after in the Russian market. Our success shapes our present and future!

Akrikhin unites people with a common goal, mission and dream, who work for the benefit of Russian patients. Together we are able to realize everything we have in mind! We are committed to life and the future!

Caring for health and life!

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