Why work with us?

Akrikhin is committed to broadening its portfolio of valued medicines aligned with our therapeutic areas of interest. We are interested in exploring a wide range of collaborative options to deliver these medicines.

Akrikhin started collaborative projects as far back as 1988. Akrikhin also boasts the longest lasting in-licensing partnership on the Russian pharmaceutical market that proves the Company’s reputation of a reliable highly professional partner. Akrikhin is constantly utilises its strengths and more than 25 years’ experience of alliances in order to realize the maximum value of collaboration to both parties.

Capabilities and strengths:

  • therapeutic focus and expertise in cardiovascular, tuberculosis, diabetes, dermatology, pediatrics, neurology
  • deep understanding and knowledge of the Russian pharmaceutical market and its regulatory system
  • established multiple routes to market covering all important target groups and channels: wholesalers, pharmacy chains and pharmacies, hospitals, OTC market, Rx sales
  • intellectual property expertise
  • targeted solid relations with decision-makers and opinion-leaders
  • profound commercial capabilities both on the commercial and public procurement sectors
  • effective sales and marketing teams able to launch and optimise commercialization of brands all across the country
  • presence in all regions across Russia, efficient FF team of more than 550 dedicated employees
  • modern production facilities meeting the standards of the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)
  • production of a vast specter of drug forms: tablets, creams, ointments, gels, capsules, syrups
  • strong competences in research and development
  • recognition of business circles and authorities in pharmacy and medicine – three times “Platinum Ounce” (the most prestigious award on the Russian pharmaceutical market) winner, in top 3 most recognized Russian companies on the market

Partnering opportunities include license manufacturing, contract manufacturing, distribution and marketing collaboration.

Besides Akrikhin is interested in purchase of APIs for Company current product portfolio.

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients
License manufacturing

Akrikhin is interested in purchase of APIs for Company current product portfolio. We are looking for partnership with GMP certified producers of APIs who can offer competitive prices and services.

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License manufacturing occupies more than 80% share both in terms of value and volume in total manufacturing cooperation output staying the focus of all Akrikhin cooperation projects.

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Contract Manufacturing Distribution and marketing

With relatively low share of contract manufacturing in total cooperation projects’ output Akrikhin has gained vast experience in contract manufacturing producing TB, gynecology and gastroenterology products.

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With extensive competences in sales and marketing Akrikhin is a partner of choice for many companies interested in outsourcing their marketing and sales activities.

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Business development department contact details:

E-mail: bd@akrikhin.ru