License manufacturing

License manufacturing occupies more than 80% share both in terms of value and volume in total manufacturing cooperation output staying the focus of all Akrikhin cooperation projects.

In 1990 Akrikhin became the first Russian company to sign a licensing agreement with Bristol-Myers Squibb for making cardiovascular products namely Capoten and Capozid. In 1992 the country’s first GMP-compliant production facility was established with the help of BMS on Akrikhin production site. Since that time Akrikhin regularly undergoes Bristol-Myers Squibb quality inspection audits in order to guarantee the quality standards compliance.

Akrikhin and BMS have been licensing partners for more than 25 years which makes it the longest lasting partnership on the Russian pharmaceutical market and proves Akrikhin reputation of a reliable highly professional partner.

One-more long-term license partner of Akrikhin is KRKA Company. The license production of Venter starts as far back as 1988.

Akrikhin profound commercial capabilities both on the commercial and public procurement sectors combined with vast production competences make us a natural first choice license manufacturing partner.