Сonsent to personal data processing

All messages related to drug safety received by phone, email or in other written form must be reviewed, with subsequent measures being taken in line with regulatory requirements as reflected in the company’s internal policies (the public policy is available here).

In sending messages to the company, patients agree to their personal data being processed and stored by AKRIKHIN or an authorized entity. The personal data you provide will be kept confidential and, in accordance with the Law on the Protection of Personal Data, cannot be disclosed to third parties without your written permission. Permission for the processing and storage of personal data can be withdrawn by writing to AKRIKHIN, CITYDEL Business Center, Zemlyanoy val str., 9, Moscow, 105064, Russia. Letters should be sent by registered mail and marked “Drug Safety”. AKRIKHIN undertakes to cease processing personal data upon receipt of such a letter or a scanned copy sent to info@akrikhin.ru.

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