R&D competences

Akrikhin — one of few Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers – that has an R&D Center of its own. It is a separate research and technological analytical unit boasting the state-of-the-art laboratory and analytical equipment. Making the most of its long-decade legacy medical advances by Akrikhin in 2000-2014 include developing 76 drugs, including new medicines for the treatment of such socially significant areas as tuberculosis, diabetes, cardiology, skin diseases.

The core activity of the Company’s Research and development unit lies in the research and development of generic drugs. This is characteristic of vast majority of Russian Pharmaceutical companies. However Akrikhin, considering the highly competitive market of generics, strives to consistently implement the differentiation principle, focusing on advanced generics and value added generics instead of ordinary ones. Among advanced and value added generics Akrikhin makes special emphasis on developing new forms and dosages of existing drugs, drugs with a new action principle, new technology or new delivery form, new indications and new combination. It provides additional benefits increasing products’ value to our customers and a solid base for Akrikhin marketing activity.

The R&D Department has built solid relations with country’s major medical research institutions. The company also coordinates its R&D activities with Polpharma. Akrikhin multi-source pipeline development results in Akrikhin portfolio update annually by no less than 10 products and more which belong to the target ATC classes the Company concentrates on.

Today Akrikhin has a pipeline of more than 40 products undergoing different development phases.

The R&D Department employs more than 25 professionals with extensive scientific background. The Department interacts closely with marketing department to evaluate product categories for trends in sales and profitability and also R&D team communicates with other departments to keep a close track of new APIs to help evaluate products which may be acquired and in-sourced.

Besides in the implementation of R&D strategy, Akrikhin successfully combines developments of its own R&D Center and cooperation with foreign pharmaceutical companies.