On 22–24 September 2021, the VI All-Russian GMP Conference was held in St. Petersburg. Panel discussion “Current Developments of the Pharmaceutical Market: Time and Place for Systemic Expertise” took place on Day 1 of the event with Akrikhin’s support.

During the conference, the participants discussed the most relevant issues concerning good manufacturing practices, integration processes in the common market of the EAEU, situation with Russian exports, and regulation of all aspects in the life cycle of a pharmaceutical.

The business program of Day 1 of the conference covered the top-priority issues concerning the quality of pharmaceuticals, their availability and efficacy for patients, structured approach to the promotion of the Russian pharmaceutical industry to the international level. Furthermore, the conference covered the issues concerning regulation of biologically active dietary supplements and assurance of their quality along with the need to advance the system of Russian formulation developments. Day 2 of the event was dedicated to the pressing issues pertaining to the integration within the common pharmaceutical market of the EAEU, trajectory of legislative changes as they regard the methods to organise and administer GMP inspections of manufacturers of pharmaceuticals for veterinary use and issues concerning the management of aseptic manufacturing of pharmaceuticals.

During the sessions, the participants reviewed foreign markets, rated the export potential of Russian pharmaceutical manufacturers, and presented the experience of collaboration with foreign distributors. The list of participants included representatives of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, FBI State Institute of Drugs and Good Practices of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, National Centre of Reference Standards, industry communities, and pharmaceutical companies.

The motto of the VI GMP conference: “Strong regulator – robust industry” has the perfect wording to emphasise the relevance of the problem for the industry today. At the time of major changes, more than ever, the pharmaceutical industry needs support on the part of the regulator, and the power of this support is driven by wise consolidation and integration of uniform requirements and approaches in the member states of the Eurasian Economic Union. Pharmaceutical companies expect answers to all essential questions concerning regulation as soon as possible in order to release high-quality and safe pharmaceuticals,

– said Faiza Yagudina, Director for Quality at Akrikhin.

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