Mission and values


People are what matters most. We treat people and work with respect, it guides us in our relations with employees and with regard to those who use our products. We aim to create a working environment that is free from unethical behaviour and discrimination, characterised by respect for the dignity and diversity of our employees. We want our workplace to be conducive to the development of employees and the realisation of their professional and personal ambitions. We respect the right of both our employees and collaborators to protect their privacy.


Absolute adherence to the law forms the basis of the AKRIKHIN's credibility and reputation. Our employees in every country where we do business are obliged to know the legal requirements in force and to act in accordance with them. For us, honesty also means acting according to the accepted ethical standards and good manners. This is reflected in the way we communicate and compete on the market, and also in the honest and reliable advertising and promotion of our products.


We all feel responsible for our workplace and the quality of tasks carried out. We fulfil our duties with care and commitment. We take care of company property and protect it against excessive risk. By keeping our obligations and respecting trade secrets and confidentiality of information, we have created a reliable and trustworthy organisation. We take the greatest care for the safety and quality of our products. We feel responsible for ensuring constant availability of the products we manufacture, especially of lifesaving medicines.


We bring help and support to the sick and suffering. We aim to constantly improve our therapeutic solutions in line with the highest standards on the pharmaceutical market. Solidarity with others is the essence of how we see our work – as service and duty.


We value teamwork based on the knowledge and varied competences of all the AKRIKHIN's employees and departments. We build up the position of our company by drawing on experience as well as openness to the original ideas which are the cornerstone of innovativeness. Open communication and dialogue are of great importance to us. Our goal is to reach agreement constructively, and to form relations based on partnership. Together, we aim to reach our joint goals, supporting each other in the realisation of our objectives. Our market success results from the cooperation of the people and teams. This also enables lasting, mutually beneficial bonds with our business and social partners.

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