AKRIKHIN’s history

1936 —
company foundation

1936 — company foundation

Akrikhin is one of the founders of the Russian pharmaceutical industry. The company was established in 1936, when the first batch of Akrikhin, a drug for treatment of malaria was produced. The company was named after this drug which made it possible to eliminate such a dangerous disease as malaria within a very short time period.

1950-1990 — production of substances

1950-1990 —
production of substances


Akrikhin was one of the main Soviet Union producers of active pharmaceutical substances (APIs), accounting for 24% of the total substances production output in the country. The APIs produced were supplied to 44 enterprises of the Soviet Union. The list of importing countries counted 54 states, including developed countries such as the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Italy etc.

1990-2007 — production of finished pharmaceutical products

1990-2007 —
production of finished
pharmaceutical products

1990-2007 — production of finished pharmaceutical products

In 1992 Akrikhin was reorganized into an open joint-stock company. A decision was taken to redesign the company’s profile from chemical synthesis of substances to the production of finished pharmaceutical products. A policy of import substitution was adopted, i.e. active development and production of generic drugs (copies). Marketing and field force divisions were formed in the company, with quality management system introduced and new production facilities opened and certified in accordance with the GMP standards.

During this period Akrikhin occupied the first place in the annual Rating of the most recognized players of the Russian pharmaceutical market for four consecutive years. Akrikhin is also a three-time winner of the Platinum Ounce prize - the most prestigious award in the pharmaceutical market - in the nomination Company of the year, thus confirming the company’s leading position in the Russian pharmaceutical industry.

2007 was marked by the start of strategic partnership with Polpharma, the biggest Polish pharmaceutical company in the field of development, production, promotion and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

2008-till present — sustainable growth

2008 – Present time —
sustainable growth


Currently AKRIKHIN is in the top 5 of Russian pharmaceutical manufactures in terms of sales. The company ranks third among the local pharmaceutical manufacturers in terms of rate of growth of pharma drugs production volume.

AKRIKHIN actively develops its product portfolio, annually bringing to the market about 10 and more new medicinal products, both through developments of its own Research and Development Center and in cooperation with foreign pharmaceutical companies and research institutions.

In 2016 AKRIKHIN completed a large-scale investment program to upgrade and expand the company's manufacturing complex.

AKRIKHIN actively develops the medical representatives service interacting with medical and pharmaceutical community in 63 regions of the country.

AKRIKHIN continues to develop rapidly, basing on the accumulated experience and knowledge and actively using the latest modern business standards and technologies.

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