Our commitment to Russia


Akrikhin is inextricably linked to Russia —by our history, our employees and the products we produce. For 80 years, Akrikhin has demonstrated a commitment to improving the health and well-being of Russian citizens.

Akrikhin provides effective medicines for some of Russia’s most pressing healthcare concerns, including tuberculosis, diabetes and heart diseases, among many others. AKRIKHIN — one of the largest Russian manufacturers of medicines included in the list of vital and essential drugs (VED) (55% of medicine sales).

Akrikhin has historically been a major partner of the state healthcare authorities, taking an active part in a number of state reimbursement healthcare programs, such as the Program for providing necessary pharmaceuticals, Federal target programs “Hypertension”, “Diabetes”, “Tuberculosis” and others. Akrikhin strong position in state-controlled programs is determined by its portfolio of high-quality and efficient drugs combined with the company’s solid reputation with respect to performing its supply obligations within the set time limits and in full scope.

Akrikhin is committed to aligning its business plan and operations with Russia’s priority for improving the health of Russian citizens. Akrikhin actively participates in the implementation of the federal programme designed by the RF Ministry of Industry and Trade “Strategy for developing Russian pharmaceutical industry until 2020” which provides for an increase of the domestically produced products’ share in the total consumption volume in the domestic market up to 50% in value terms by the year 2020. Akrikhin is an associate contractor of the above-named Strategy in the part connected with organizing the production of import substitution generics as the first stage of developing the Russian pharmaceutical industry (2009-2012) as well as in the context of co-developing innovative products.